Quick Spray Blow! " Shu !! Shu !! Shu !!" Easy to use! Just use it as it is! Spray type!
Laundry, hand towels, curtains, cushions, masks and other cloth products, doorknobs, handrails and other touchable places, tables, kitchens, study desks, etc.
You can use it in various places, for children's toys, around pets, toilets, swill and even after processing vomit.

【Special feature】
●Unlike general acidic water produced by other methods,this acidic water JIASUI-ALL produced by a three-chamber electrolyzer uses pure water that does not contain harmful raw materials such as hydrochloric acid as a starting raw material.
High-purity salt is used as the electrolyte, and the water produced is pure electrolyzed water that does not contain miscellaneous ions such as salt.
In addition, it is a safe deodorant and sterilizing water that has properties similar to those of slightly acidic electrolyzed water, so it will not cause any harm if it gets in your mouth or eyes.
* Please do not drink it intentionally as JIASUI-ALL it is not for drinking.
●This product is a multifunctional electrolyzed water containing hypochlorous acid (HCLO) as the main component, which can be used safely and securely in various situations such as homes, stores, medical institutions, nursing care facilities, offices, and in cars.
●There is no need to dissolve the powder or make any complicated adjustments such as dilution before use, just spray it as it is. So, quite easy and safe in use without worrying about making mistakes.
[Product name] JIASUI-ALL (multifunctional electrolyzed water)
[Ingredients] Hypochlorite water (manufactured by a three-chamber electrolyzer)
Effective chlorine concentration / around 40-50ppm, pH/4 - 5
[Contents] 1 bottle, 500 ml
[Use] Sterilization and deodorization
・ Reliable made in Japan
・ Use within 6 months after opening.
・ Avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and store in a well-ventilated place so as not get hot.
・ Not for drinking. (Do not drink JIASUI-ALL!)
・ Hypochlorite water is decomposed and returned to water when it reacts with organic substances.
・ Clean the object in advance, spray a sufficient amount, and wait for about 20 seconds.

Manufacturing method of JIASUI-ALL

We use a special equipment divided into 3 chambers, to make our JIASUI-ALL.
In order to generate hypochlorite water and alkaline water used for pH adjustment, pure water containing no harmful raw materials such as hydrochloric acid is poured into two chambers on both sides, and high-purity saline solution is poured into one chamber in the middle, then, electrolyze it.
This method produces safe and secure pure electrolyzed water that does not contain miscellaneous ions such as salt.

Manufacturing method of other products (Example 1)

A single-chamber device without separation inside is used and toxic hydrochloric acid is added to the saline solution and poured into one chamber for electrolysis. However, without the ability to electrolyze 100% of saline solution and hydrochloric acid, there is a disadvantage that salt and hydrochloric acid remain in the generated electrolytic water.

Manufacturing method of other products (Example 2)

In a device divided into two chambers, salt solution is poured and electrolysis is performed. However, since the hypochlorite concentration and pH cannot be controlled at the same time, alkalis such as caustic soda and sodium carbonate that require careful handling are addedm which may affect accurate pH adjustment.
Without the ability to electrolyze 100% of the saline solution, there is the disadvantage that the saline solution remains in the generated electrolyzed water, same as the above Example 1.

About our JIASUI-ALL

Our JIASUI-ALL is a hypochlorite water, which has nature properties similar to those of slightly acidic electrolyzed water with around 4-5 pH. It is produced by a method for producing weakly acidic water (using a septal electrolytic cell) so as not to leave unelectrolyzed components such as salt in the liquid. It is acid water.