Outline of the Association

(Authorized by the Tokyo Metropollitan Government :59 Rokeishoshisetsukyo No. 1)
Establishment March 1985
Amendment of articles
of the association incorporation
The 3rd of August, 1999
( 1 1 Labor and Economic Account Designation Association No.2)
Head Office 4-22-4 Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-0006 JAPAN
Tel 03-6228-4944
Fax 03-6228-4945
Representative Takekazu Asakura
Paid up total sum of investment JPY92,000,000.-
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Toranomon-Branch /Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Ueno-Branch
Member organization Member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry /
Central Association of Small Business Associations in Tokyo

What is "Corporate and Association"?

◆Characteristics of cooperatives
A cooperative association is one of the union forms that integrates the businesses of participating SMEs.
Small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in business activities in different industries integrate the businesses they have been engaged in to optimize the scale of business, improve the technical level, modernize and rationalize equipment and management, and achieve productivity and sales capacity. The aim is to improve.

There are two types of cooperative associations: "partial collaboration" that integrates the business parts of the members, and "all collaboration" that integrates all the businesses. In either case, the union member must be a business operator, and generally, the business integrated into the union cannot operate as a member's business.

A cooperative association can be established by four or more businesses. As a general rule, only small and medium-sized enterprises can join the union, but if the articles of incorporation stipulate, large enterprises can join up to a quarter of the number of union members.

You can also make a difference in voting rights according to the amount of investment and restrict new members.
As for the investment amount, one member can have less than 50% of the total number of investment units.

◆Differences between corporations and cooperatives
Between “Co., Ltd.” (CO) and “Cooperative association (CA)”

CO: Capital (no upper limit) Can be received from individuals / corporations
CA : Capital investment (upper limit less than l billion yen)* Can be received from individuals

Officer composition:
CO: 3 or more directors, including the representative coordinator.
1 Audit & Supervisory Board Member
CA : 5 directors including the representative director
1 Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Amendment of Articles of Incorporation:
CO: Registration is free in principle,
CA : permission from the Minister of International Trade and Industry is required

CO: Tax audit is conducted once every few years
CA : Audit by the competent authority is conducted twice a year.

Sales activities:
CO: Free in principle
CA : Contents stated in the articles of incorporation, and other related businesses are allowed, but money-related businesses, travel agencies, etc. Service industry is not possible.