LEAD corp,. & association

Authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


What is Lead Corp. & Association?

From Tokyo to the Rest of Japan, the Rest of the World
Lead Corp. & Association is engaged in various business operations that can lead to the happiness of people.

The significant feature of Lead Corp. & Association (Lead) is the business structure of a cooperative partnership. The cooperative partnership is one of the association forms in which a part of or all of the business operations of various small and medium-sized companies are integrated to improve productivity and enhance the international competitiveness by means of cooperative operations. The cooperative partnership was institutionalized under the Act on the Organization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Associations enacted in September 1967.

Lead was founded in 1984 following the merger of five small and medium-sized companies mainly for the purpose of contributing to the development of the region and formally approved as a cooperative partnership by the Tokyo metropolitan government in 1985. With the financing and other support from the Tokyo metropolitan government, Lead has been growing continuously and steadily.

Particularly in recent years, Lead aims to address the challenges faced by the country, such as environmental issues, energy issues, and the declining birth rate and the aging of the population, through various business operations and to contribute to the realization of a safe, affluent life of the people.

Moreover, we have been actively engaged in efforts to develop global business channels since 1988. For instance, we have been promoting efforts to serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries through businesses, such as the mediation business, to introduce excellent technologies and products of Japan and other countries and the tourism business through events.

Under the theme of improving the quality of life of all the people in Japan and other countries, Lead brings together the wisdom and techniques of all individual employees to conduct dynamic and innovative business operations.